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LED vs Incandescent vs CFLs

Comparison Chart LED Lights vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs vs. CFLs ENERGY EFFICIENCY & ENERGY COSTS LIGHT EMITTING DIODES(LEDs) INCANDESCENT LIGHT BULBS COMPACT FLUORESCENTS(CFLs) Life Span (average) 50,000 hours 1,200 hours 8,000 hours Watts of electricity used (equivalent to 60 watt bulb). LEDs use less power (watts) per unit of light generated (lumens). LEDs help reduce …

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Fan vs. AC

In Alberta, our summer is usually short and sweet so why waste your money on air conditioning when you can use strategically placed ceiling fans instead? Ceiling fans definitely have a place in every home and come in every shape, colour style and size imaginable. No more wicker – we promise! They are especially comfortable …

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