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Cooling Solutions Explored: Fan vs. AC – Dhillon Lighting

In Alberta, our summer is usually short and sweet so why waste your money on air conditioning when you can use strategically placed ceiling fans instead? Ceiling fans definitely have a place in every home and come in every shape, colour style and size imaginable. No more wicker – we promise! They are especially comfortable in bedrooms at night, and generally quieter than standing fans.

Ceiling fans use much, much less energy: about 50-70 watts of energy compared to about 4000-6000 watts of energy for the same amount of time! Energy Star models are the most efficient energy savers – they are around 60% more efficient. They are also a less expensive investment at the outset, and add a wonderful romantic touch to any room in the house.

Did you know that ceiling fans can make a room around 7 degrees cooler by moving air around? If you run it on high in one direction, the air will cool within minutes. (Make it’s going in the right direction – you should feel the air when you’re underneath it.)

So if you’re looking for a cooldown solution for the rest of our prairie summer, try ceiling fans; they’re functional, they’re cool and they save money and energy.

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